A Little More Poetry For You To Enjoy

My last posting gave you a small taste of some of the poetry I have written over the years, but I decided to focus that post solely on poems about writing.  I do have a few other poems I have written that I would like to share with you now.  Please remember, I do not consider myself to be a poet at all.  I just dabble in poetry a little, and these are a few of my favorite poems that I have written.  I hope you will enjoy them.


By Derrick Nadeau
I feel so small,
So insecure,
So inconsequential,
As if all the world steps on me,
And none give it a thought

Curse Of The Self (An Ode To A Fool)

By Derrick Nadeau
Unto your soul I shall bless thee
With eternal damnation
For it is upon your shoulders
That I rest the ails of men
Shall they not weigh too heavily on you
Leaving you in eternal agony
May your own self-pity wash over you
May it drag you into the abyss that has become your soul
Let not humanity weep for you
For it is your only evil
That you must look upon yourself
With such pathetic disdain
Where have all your loved ones faded too?
How truly foolish you are
You have not been abandoned
Your eyes are just too clouded to see
Clouded by what you have allowed yourself to become
To what do you owe this infernal suffering?
Merely your own wounded ego

The Soul Of A Thunderstorm

By Derrick Nadeau
Tell me, have you ever listened to a thunderstorm?
Have you heard the ferocious rumble of thunder
Echoing throughout the city
The rain beating down on the ground
Soothing your worries and cares
Singing a melody of bliss
Tell me, have you ever watched a thunderstorm?
Watched the claws of lightning
As they reach for the unobtainable round
Watched them light up the evening sky
Causing night to return to day for a brief moment
Giving the world an aura of peace
Tell me, have you ever felt a thunderstorm?
Felt the drops of rain wash out your heart
Felt the thunder shudder the earth
Felt the lightning sharpen the air
Together they create a true force of nature
That pauses the world before bringing it new life
Tell me, have you ever smelt a thunderstorm?
The smell of the world being cleansed
The smell of freshness
The smell of something new
Take a deep breath sometime
You may find it refreshing
Tell me, have you ever tasted a thunderstorm?
Tasted the rain falling from the heavens
Tasted the air as it relaxes 
Allowing the rain to pass through it
The taste of the dirt of the world washing away
It is the taste of paradise
Maybe you should try it sometime
Let the soul of a thunderstorm refresh you

There you have it, a few more poems for you to reflect on.  I hope you might find some enjoyment reading them.  Who knows, maybe you might even find some inspiration as well.  Until next time my friends, take care of yourselves.

A Little Poetry For You To Chew On

Even though I would not classify myself as a poet in any way, shape, or form, I have written a few poems in my time.  I thought I might share a couple of them with you for your enjoyment.  I hope you will enjoy them at least.  The poems in this posting are about how I feel when I am writing.  I have other poems I will share in future posts if you like these.


By Derrick Nadeau, AKA ChumleyD
My pen bleeds
Spilling ink on paper
Opening doors to my thoughts
As the blood flows
As the ink spills
My life is strewn about the page
my inner most feelings expressed
For all to analyze
That is the price I pay
For expression
My soul bleeds
Thoughts and feelings
Words and emotions
For all to masticate
My soul bleeds
My pen drinks
My thoughts flow
My words stain the pages
That is the price I pay
For expression
My mind bleeds
Sending thoughts into the world
Opening channels to my heart
Allowing access to my emotions
My mind bleeds
My reality changes
I see the world through new eyes
Allowing others in to share my experience
If that is the price I pay for expression
Then I will gladly let my blood be spilled

Blood Flow

By Derrick Nadeau
I’m bleeding again
I feel it rushing forth
the warmth is comforting
Like a cleansing of my heart
The blood spills onto the page
I spread it with my fingers
My excitement builds
So, I reach down inside
To open the wound
To let myself bleed out
I let the thoughts that have built up inside
Find their release
I close my eyes
To let my hands work freely
I begin to feel dizzy
Yet, I cannot let it stop me
Not while I still have blood left in me
That needs to be purged
It is only through this purging
That I can find my peace
When I finally empty
I open my eyes
I look down at the blood soaked page
And I marvel at what I see

Finally, here’s a poem I wrote about the feeling I have in the back of my mind whenever I let someone read my writing.  I get this feeling every time I add another post to my blog, and I will get it as soon as I post this.  The key is to push past those immediate feelings and just let my words be released, which is never easy.


By Derrick Nadeau

Don’t read this, please
I can’t…
I can’t allow you inside
I feel so vulnerable right now
So afraid to express myself
Afraid of how you might see me
It is foolish, I know
There are often times when it scares me
To  release my thoughts and feelings
Onto pages to be read
Yet, when I allow my words to escape
I can deny no one who wishes to read them
That is what frightens me the most

There you have a small sampling of my version of poetry, I hope you enjoyed reading them.  As I stated earlier, I do not consider myself any kind of poet, I just dabble in poetry.  I enjoy branching out every once in a while, you have to allow yourself to explore a little bit after all.  Until next time my friends, don’t be afraid to open yourself up to a little of the poetry of life.

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