The Hidden Meaning of Over The Hill

Recently, while celebrating my thirty-eighth birthday, I started thinking about the  term “over the hill”,  as many do when they get older.  “Over the hill”, in my mind at least, used to conjure up images of frail people who have passed the prime of their life physically, or even mentally in some cases.  We all know the overused jokes we tell when someone we love reaches an age that could be considered “over the hill”, it seems as though  there is an entire section of the greeting card industry dedicated to the jokes.  As I thought about the term, I realized that I am indeed “over the hill”, just not in the traditional sense.  Rather than physically or mentally “over the hill”  I have discovered a hidden meaning that I had never thought of before.
When I was younger, I remember hearing adults talk about the things I liked,  music for example, and telling me how much better it was when they were my age.  As a young man, I would just laugh at the elder people and ignore their statements as bad taste.  How could things possibly have been better such a long time ago than they are right now?  Ah, the arrogance of youth.  I’m sure I’m not alone in this arrogance, it’s a common story, but I have to say that I get it now.  I understand what those adults were saying because I now feel the exact same way.  The irony has not escaped me.
For example, as a child of the eighties, my childhood was filled with wonderful toys and cartoons that I remember with great fondness.  I have tried to watch some of the cartoons out today and I’m afraid I find them severely lacking in comparison.  As I grew into a teenager, I listened to the heavy metal and rock music that was popular at the time and watched some of the best television shows that have ever aired, in my mind at least.  In the present day, I just don’t find the music scene as compelling, and the state of television today is mostly sad, with a few exceptions.
I honestly do miss the way things were when I was younger, whether they were actually as good as I remember is irrelevant, and wish I could go back to those times.  I find myself looking at things today with disdain, just like the adults who used to make comments to me about how much better things were when they were young.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying everything is complete garbage nowadays at all.  I think the point that I, and every adult before me, am trying to convey is that I feel nostalgic for the days of my youth and that I wish those days had never changed.  But alas, everything must eventually change or risk growing stagnant and die.  That is the nature of life I suppose.
The hidden meaning of the term “over the hill” that I have discovered is a realization that my time has passed as far as pop culture is concerned, and it is time for me to accept that the younger generation now has the influence.  I don’t have to like it, but I might as well accept it.  I’ve joined the “over the hill” club, but I’m ok with that because I understand them now.
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